Foodie Wednesdays


We Three Fiends love everything about food. When we come together, we often visit our favorite restaurants or try out ones that are newly opened. So we decided to make Wednesdays all about food.

Since we are scattered throughout the globe, we will be featuring different cuisines from various locations. We will also be sharing our favorite drinks, snacks and, of course, desserts! In addition, we will feature some exotic food that we have encountered and may (or may not) have tasted. Asia has a wide variety of exotic food where, fortunately, two-thirds of We Three Fiends are currently located. Unfortunately, we are not brave enough to try all of them, but we will definitely share our experience with them.

What’s more, we will be giving reviews of restaurants, their locations, and other important information. And lastly, we will be sharing a few recipes of our own!

I do hope you will enjoy reading about our food adventures. If there is anything else you want us to feature, please leave a comment below.

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