Media Friday

We Three Fiends are geeky in a way where we devour books, movies, and music! But the ultimate reason we bonded so much is the books!

See, we only had one bookstore in our hometown which we dubbed Books, Books, Books because it was full of books! But really, it had a sign painted on the side of the building that read BOOKS! BOOKS! BOOKS! So, the weekly weekend trip to Books, Books, Books was born!

Let’s be honest, though. We Three Fiends, DO NOT read the same type of books or even read at the same speed. I am what you call, the devourer of books or the pusher of books. So, expect me to ram book recs down your throat – because I do that to the two other Fiends here.

Since we don’t have the same tastes of reading material 100% of the time, expect a variety of book reviews and book recs coming your way. There may be mentions of Harry Potter fandom, so expect that as well.

We Three Fiends also watch a lot of movies and TV shows. Heck, we hibernate too much as it is, we have to find something to do while hibernating, right? So, expect movie discussions as well! We will be talking about the latest blockbusters, ye olde movies, and the movies that we watched when we were young.

Since we are also in different parts of the world, some movies may not be or haven’t released wherever we are from so, there is that to consider. But we promise, not to spoil things too much. Yeah, we are evil like that.

We Three Fiends also love music. But we also don’t listen to the same types of music! We range from classic rock, alternative, pop, and maybe even more oldies music? IDEK what we like but definitely expect a variety of music.

As you can see, We Three Fiends have different tastes, it’s a wonder how we ended up as friends. But I blame Lurch for my Nancy Drew fanaticism and Shen for introducing me to V.C. Andrews and scarring me for life.

We Three Fiends are happy that you are joining us in our new venture and hope to see you come back to our little place on the interwebs soon!

We do have a rotating schedule so each of us will take turns posting every Monday’s Wednesday and Fridays.

I absolutely can’t wait!

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