Oi Asian Fusion: A Unique Spin on Filipino Faves

Oi Asian Fusion Rice Bowls Image

Happy Valentine’s Day my dear fiends! As such, today is NOT the day to go out on a date night and have dinner. Because, let’s face it, We Three Fiends are averse to crowds and basically people, so…

But that is a story for another post, or maybe our About Page, which is yet to be written!

Now, I am getting off topic here. Anyway, this is Zeee hollering from across the world and I am bringing you a taste of home in the San Fernando Valley!

For those new to the scene, fusion restaurants are a foodie trend! And something I hope will not go away! As much as I love authentic fare, I enjoy fusion eats!

As a Pinoy in Southern California, I am pretty much spoiled. Heck, there is a Filipino grocery store a few blocks from my house which also houses a small turo-turo (point). Let’s just say that there is no shortage of authentic Filipino cuisine where I’m from.

Anyway, I want to talk about one of our favorite spots here in the Valley! Oi Asian Fusion! It’s a fusion of Filipino, Japanese, and a little bit of Korean (?) food that is yummy and does not break your wallet!

Oi Asian Fusion is a small eatery on Canoga Avenue and Sherman Way, in a small strip mall, close to a Starbucks. Pierre and I discovered this joint by accident when we were Yelping for Filipino food and it was an awesome find.

They have a smaller menu of Filipino fusion dishes and I have tried a few of them.

Adobo Bowl


Adobo Bowl
This is a spin on the famous Filipino pork adobo! The Bowl comes with rice, one soft boiled egg, pickled radish, shredded nori, and of course, the famous pork adobo (braised pork).


Pork Belly & Umami Gravy


Pork Belly with Umami Gravy
One of my favorite dishes is the Pork Belly with Umami Gravy! It comes with rice, topped with pork belly, pickled radish, and drizzled with umami gravy and nori bits.


Bibimbap with Pork

$8.50 + $2 (pork belly or shredded pork)

Bibimbap with Pork Belly
The veggie bibimbap comes with sauteed veggies in sesame oil, red pepper paste, fried egg, sesame seed. I added pork belly for an additional $2 because I’m not that healthy! *Spicy


Dynamite Fries


Dynamite Fries
Another one of my favorites! The sweet potato fries come with dynamite sauce, garlic confit, cilantro

Oi Asian Fusion

7242 Canoga Ave
Los Angeles, CA — 91303
(818) 776-0282

Open Everyday
11am — 10pm

Overall Rating: 3.5/5
Service: 4/5
Speed: 4/5
Price: $


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