Forest Camp: A Great Place To Escape From This Scorching Heat

The resort is just a 20-minute drive from Dumaguete City. It is under a canopy of trees and surrounded by lush greenery. Definitely a perfect place to cool off from the summer heat or escape from the busy life of the city.

Things To Do

Swim of course! The resort has several swimming pools, including kiddie pools. They are designed to look like natural lagoons with cold flowing spring water. And they also have water slides too!

Bowl skating. The resort has a skating bowl if you’re into that kind of thing.


Zipline! For some adrenaline rush, you can try their 90-meter zip line which crosses the river.

Wall climbing. You can go wall climbing. It is around 30 feet, just perfect if you want to test your upper body strength.


Nature trek. You can go for a nature trek. I love nature treks! Just follow the yellow dots they placed to mark the trail. We actually tried this but decided to go back when we had to go down the river as I was not wearing the proper footwear. I will definitely try this again when we go back. We decided to just walk around the 2-hectare resort instead.

Spend the night. There are cottages and tents that you can rent if you want to spend the night and enjoy the surrounding forest.

Eat (what else?). They have a restaurant where you can order food, drinks, and desserts. I suggest you bring your own food as it would take some time for them to prepare the food you ordered. But I recommend you try their buko halo.


This is the place to go to during a very hot summer day. I recommend you go there very early during weekends if you want to grab the perfect spot as it can get very crowded. We went there early so we were able to get the open cottage right next to the pool.

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