Anime Series that inspire me

Ello, World!

Today is my birthday. Happy birthday to me!

I am old now, I admit, but that does not mean I have stopped watching cartoons. I have watched anime, too, but not as much as some people I know.

When I was younger, I watched Akazukin Cha Cha, Ghost Fighter, Samurai X, Flame of Recca, Fushigi Yuugi, etc. Some of these I obsessed over – Shen can testify. In fact, I had a big ass poster of Tamahome 😍😍😍.

Those anime inspired me then, but as you grow older, your needs change I guess. Here are some anime series that I have binge watched, cried over, and fell in love. God bless the Internet and websites that allow you to binge watch without waiting weekly.


Well, no surprise here. It took me so long to watch Naruto because… to be honest, I did not find it interesting before.

Then one day, we ran out of stuff to watch. So we started watching from episode 1. Suffice to say, we lost sleep over watching it. 😅

I like Naruto for his determination. Being shunned by society hit a nerve I guess. Plus, he kept learning and learning until he reached his dream.

Fairy Tail

This is another one that I used to start watching but did not follow through after episode 1. But after we ran out of Naruto episodes and Boruto was not so interesting, we took this one up. Got hooked and binge watched again.

Natsu is like Naruto, so I also found him equally inspiring.

Hunter x Hunter

Okay, this one reminds me so much of Ghost Fighter. Although I did like Gon a lot, my heart went to Killua. He was a cool kid who was a cold blooded killer. But then developed a soft spot for Gon.

I did find the last episode a bit meh. .. I WANTED MORE.

Black Clover

This one is not done yet. I started over the weekend and now I am waiting for a weekly episode. It sucks.

I dont know why, but this one also made me cry. (I kept crying while watching Naruto.) Asta keeps making me want to cry. I guess his determination still inspires me. But, good Lord he is so noisy.

I also like Capt. Yami. He is so relatable. 😅

So there you have my current source of inspiration. I am definitely running out of things to watch. Can anyone please recommend me something?


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