Filipino-Japanese-American Amity Memorial Shrine


It is the actual battle ground during the World War II where many Filipino, Japanese, and American lives were taken. The shrine was built to remember the closure of a dark era and the beginning of peace between the three countries. The shrine is a tall pillar with three sides, representing the three countries: Japan, Philippines, and the US.

“This is the inscription that appears in the dedication plaque of the memorial shrine:
This Filipino-Japanese-American Amity Memorial Shrine marks the easternmost portion of the main defenses site that runs west along the two ridges converging on the top of this mountain rage where the main elements of the Japanese Imperial Army of the 174th Independent Unit under the command of Col. Satoshi Oje properly positioned in a series of bunkers, dugouts, foxholes and tunnels linked by connecting trenches, had battled the combined forces of the 164th American Division United States Army and guerilla elements of the 73rd Provisional Division 7th Military District of Negros island. The Battle of the Ridges commenced in earnest on April 27, 1945. And by the early part of June 1945, the combined Fil-American Forces captured these ridges from the Japanese Defenders. The remnants of the Japanese Imperial Forces withdrew from these ridges and finally surrendered by the roadside, north of the town of Zamboanguita on Sep 22, 1945 signaling the end of the hostilities in Negros Oriental.”


If you want a panoramic view of Dumaguete City (and some parts of Sibulan), then this is the place to be. It is located on a hill along the ranges of Mount Talinis. It will take around 30 minutes to drive up to the shrine from the town of Valencia. The paved road going to the shrine is a bit steep and winding. There is no entrance fee but you will be asked to register your names.

The place has a big open space perfect for setting up tents and staying overnight. With the cool breeze and a breathtaking view, it is definitely a beautiful place to get away and enjoy the lush greenery of the mountain.

We made some new furry friends during our visit to the shrine. These dogs are used to visitors and are very friendly.


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