Samot Baitong Resort: Sihanoukville’s nature-filled retreat

I know, I think I write a lot about Sihanoukville in my Travel Posts. Sorry. It’s just that it is the only place I have been to lately (I think). Plus, I do love my Vitamin Sea. So there…

This post is about Samot Baitong Resort. The ladies have asked me to feature it a few months ago, but the place was not ready yet. But now, it is!

Samot Baitong Resort, Sihanoukville

Location of Samot Baitong Resort

The resort is located “where the river meets the sea.” This means that it is next to an estuary. The river is quite big, and it is seated at the end of Otres 2. The water is a bit muddy in color this time of the year, due to the monsoon season in Cambodia, but during summer, the river water looks gorgeous.

The river during summer
Ride the glass bottom boat! The river is a bit chocolatey though.

The resort is also a walking distance from the beach, so you can have your saltwater fill. Since it is in Otres 2, the beach area is the best in terms of relaxation in Sihanoukville.

Around the resort

What I found fascinating about Samot Baitong Resort is that the buildings are patterned after the traditional Khmer houses. So it gives you that kind of elegant, classic feel when you walk around. I love the hardwood floors, walls, and everything inside. BUT, not everything is traditional, since it does have a fancy mini-bar, comes fully air conditioned… and I am rambling on like a catalog.

I also enjoyed the pool. Except I have not taken a dip in it yet. 😀 Because… somehow we always end up going during times when I can not go into the water.


When I visited one time, I was able to enjoy kayaking. Or is it canoeing? I don’t know. BUT THAT WAS MY FIRST TIME!

It was tiring, to be honest, but so much fun. I ended up getting so burnt.

I also like sitting around the docks, because I like my silence sometimes. So I sit by the water and think, think, think… #drama.


Aside from the river and beach access, I also like the fact that the resort has a lot of greenery. Anywhere else in Sihanoukville, you get your patches of grass, a random fern here and there, and some potted plants. At Samot Baitong, you get to see trees, lots of birds of paradise, various species of euphorbia, orchids, and more! I get giddy seeing some of the flowers in the garden because they remind me so much of my grandma.

Photo taken from the website, WTF does not own this image!

So, to me, not only do i get my Vitamin Sea, but I also get to drown in nature. Kinda makes it the ultimate place to hide away from technology and humans. Yeah?

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