San Pedro Saturday Morning Fish Market

San Pedro Saturday Morning Fish Market

If you’re like me and love fresh fish, you would definitely know where to go! While we haven’t tried the restaurants that cook fresh fish, we have bought fresh fish at a wholesale price in San Pedro, California!

As you might have guessed, I’m not the cook in the family, but my husband is. Of course, one of our fave things to eat is fish. Seriously, if you aren’t a fan, you should definitely try it! We used to have this often in the Philippines and this is one of our comfort foods!

It has actually been a while since we went to the San Pedro Fish Market because we now live further away. Plus, this fish market is only open during the wee hours of the AM, so getting up at the crack of dawn is a MUST!

Last Saturday, we braved the morning grind and woke up at 3 AM to drive almost 40 miles away (that’s about an hour without traffic) to get us some fish!

Unfortunately, the San Pedro Saturday Morning Fish Market is not as bustling as it once was. There were only three warehouses open for business that Saturday. Nevertheless, we were able to buy all the fish at really cheap prices!



Trifecta of Yumminess

On the menu, we had grilled fish collar, tuna soup, and fish ceviche Filipino style! Obvs, I won’t go into details on how to make this because I didn’t make any of it, but I can guarantee that this meal was da bomb!


Fish Ceviche

Fish Ceviche is one of my favorites! It’s raw tuna with vinegar, red & green onions and red & orange bell peppers! This is the only raw fish that I will eat EVER (nope, not a sashimi fan) and it’s the best! Of course, hubby makes it extra special!


Grilled Tuna Collar

If you’re not familiar with this dish, have no fear! This is probably the best part of the tuna! This yumminess is tuna collar grilled to perfection! If prepped well, this will not have a fishy taste! Which is why you need to get it fresh! I PROMISE! We still have more tuna collars in the fridge for cooking!


Seared Swordfish with lemon garlic butter

Seared Swordfish with lemon garlic butter topped in toasted garlic bits is a heaven sent! Perhaps one of my favorites from Pierre’s repertoire of dishes he cooks. This fish is seared and cooked in lemon garlic butter and it’s absolutely the best thing ever! We had this on Tuesday, I think. He also makes this with tuna and it’s still as delish!


If you are interested to go buy awesome fish at wholesale price, visit the San Pedro Saturday Morning Fish Market at 2200 Signal Pl, San Pedro, CA 90731. They open at 2 AM and close around 7, but you don’t want to get there late otherwise you won’t get the best pick of fish! The place also thins out around 6 am-ish. By the way, they also sell crabs, lobster, oysters, and shrimps!

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