About We Three Fiends

It is difficult to write an About section without turning it into a novel of our lives.

To make it short and sweet, We Three Fiends have been friends for a really long time. However, it was during high school that we became closer than normal friendships and never really got cut off since.

We are not cut from the same cloth, no. Yet somehow we do click. We have patience and understanding for each of our quirks and interests but have remained friends for a really long time. Heck, some of us go way back to preschool!

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These days, with miles and timezones in between, we manage to still sync and voila! A blog for you, mixing all of our interests and hopefully encourage us to get out of our own caves.


About Zeee

Zeee imageI am the fangirly bookworm who shoves books down your throat. When you ask me book recs, be prepared to be bombarded with a lot of recs from multiple genres. I have lost some of my introvert tendencies since leaving my nest but I am still a homebody. I talk too much, which always get me into big trouble. I am artsy and I love to DIY, blogging, and bookstagramming. I am based in Los Angeles, California.

Shen: Zeee devours books. My reading list is getting longer because of her book recs. She’s the romantic one who likes listening to rock music.

Lurch: Zeee reminds me of bodice and lace (at least not bondage!). I guess it comes from all those historical romances she got me to read when we were younger. She loves romance, and somehow if you are friends with Zee, you become a believer in love as well. I know I do.


About Shen

Fiend ShenI am an introvert who prefers the company of books, movies, and my 6 doggies. I do go out of my cave sometimes after a little coaxing from my husband. I have an RBF, that may be because I’m nearsighted and won’t probably recognize you unless you call out my name. I am based in the Philippines.

Zeee: Shen is the stubborn, somewhat serious one. She can hold a grudge like nobody’s business and was the go-to person who “knew” all of the cute guys and not so cute guys in high school. Today, she is the calm and reasonable one but still has one heck of a temper!

Lurch: Shen is a firecracker. Quite strong-willed (okay, maybe stubborn) especially when she knows she is right. But as firecrackers go, she is my source of calm and reason — just don’t upset her.



About Lurch

Fiend LurchI am a cave dweller who rarely steps out of her cave, and perhaps the more technologically inclined one of the three. People think I am charming and friendly, but these two know I am grumpy, moody, and have an EFF OFF sign stapled on my forehead. And I am based in Cambodia/Vietnam.

Shen: Lurch is the techy person between us three. She may look like she’s going to kill you, but she’s soft-hearted and rarely says no for an answer.

Zeee: Lurch is a Marshmallow. You know, that ice monster from Frozen? Yeah, she is exactly like him – eternally angry on the outside but a soft lovable marshmallow on the inside! I blame her for getting me into Nancy Drew and also getting me hooked on blogging! She is the techy person in this trio and most definitely speaks code.