Grilled Pork Chop

I love playing with new flavors in the kitchen. I experimented with a few ingredients and it turned out great. My husband loved it so much he asked if I can still remember the ingredients I used. He knows I don’t follow recipes and usually just toss in anything I can find in our kitchen. … More Grilled Pork Chop

Filipino-Japanese-American Amity Memorial Shrine

It is the actual battle ground during the World War II where many Filipino, Japanese, and American lives were taken. The shrine was built to remember the closure of a dark era and the beginning of peace between the three countries. The shrine is a tall pillar with three sides, representing the three countries: Japan, … More Filipino-Japanese-American Amity Memorial Shrine

The Girl Between Two Worlds by K.M. Levis

I have been searching for books about Philippine Mythology. It’s high time I get to know the mythical creatures of my homeland. It was a lucky chance that I came across this book while browsing through Facebook. The words “mythical creatures” and “Filipino author” caught my eye. So I quickly googled it, and minutes later, … More The Girl Between Two Worlds by K.M. Levis

Mango Tapioca

It’s summertime and there is an abundant supply of mangoes (yay!). Mangoes are available all throughout the year, but it is during summer that they are the sweetest (and less expensive).  I wanted to try and make another mango dessert, aside from my usual mango ice box cake (will share recipe later). Thus, mango tapioca … More Mango Tapioca